The Irony of Sinulog: A lesson

On my previous article on Sinulog, I have mentioned how people celebrated the feast of the Holy Child Jesus known as Sto. Nino. (see article

People celebrated with joy in their hearts dancing and joining the celebration. And inspite of how big the crowd is, and inspite of heavy rains, people still continue the celebration. This is just one of the justification of strong faith towards God.

However, during the celebration, I have encountered a scene that attracts my attention.

I immediately pulled my cellphone to quickly capture the scene.

Click the image below to enlarge the picture.

Devil's horn

A glowing devil’s horn

The photo is a bit blurry because I was moving fast while capturing the event.

Shown in this photo are a group of people celebrating the feast of Sto.Nino while wearing a ———  devil’s horn! Yes, a devil’s horn!


It is very ironic to see how a celebration for the Lord manifested in a satanic way.
Why are some people doing this?
Because it’s only a toy?
Because it’s just a costume?
It’s only a props?

People need to be educated from this because sometimes we overlooked on what is the real meaning of this celebration.

We sometimes got carried away by the joy of the celebration that we forget what is proper. Not to mention drinking too much and getting drunk on the celebration.

You see? Is this the way you celebrate Christ?

I believe one reason why this is occuring because we lack guidance. We lack wisdom. And we lack people to remind us that this isn’t good.

Because most of the time, we can only hear these guidance and these wisdom in church only.
Because what we really need are people to guide us, a father to guide us, a mother to guide us. A brother/sister to guide us. Or someone who’s close to us to guide us.

With God’s blessing, I hope I could implant this little wisdom into you.
After you read this article, look at the people around you and be a strong steward to guide them.
Guide them. For it’s people like you that we need in this world.

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