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  1. dexteraparicio

    I think, that Nokia got cocky and over-confident and I think that Nokia’s strategy over the past few years was completely wrong. Nokia wanted cellphones to become computers and you can see these evidence in the hardware power of their phone models. But what Nokia didn’t see is what Microsoft and Apple (and Google) already understood crystal clearly. So to me, Nokia has been too naive in the past few years and now it suddenly wake up into a new dawn of things. For example, Bill Gates in 1996 offered Anders H. a signed-in bonus of $500,000 just to join him. Anders denied. Bill then raises the sign-in bonus to $1,000,000 and Anders accepted. That was just signed-in bonus excluding the salary and stocks. And this is 1996. Now WHO IS Anders Heilsberg? Just a computer language designer. He designed C# for Microsoft. Steve and Russians sergey also saw the future coming. THEY ALL SAW the future ten years ago. And that future which is already now is: Community developers and platformer strategy. Nokia did not saw this. Instead, Nokia was like marching blindly to a future it did not understand at all.

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