Effects of bad design

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It’s been awhile since I made my previous article. Kinda busy lately, so it’s difficult to squeeze my schedule for other stuffs.
But fortunately, my work load is back to normal. And yes, it’s blogging time again.

I was about to go to a certain destination by just walking coz it’s just a walking distance away. And as I pass by several road-side stores, there’s one thing that catches my attention. I stopped over, and stare at it.

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Now this is just beside the road. And you can see tangled wires connected to several electric meters. If you look at the left part of the picture, there lies several circular casing similar to that of the electric meter. One possibility is that, those old meters are to be placed later in their new casing (the one attached in the wall). Or another possibility is that those meters are previously there in the wall and was transfered (and tangled) into a temporary wall for repairs. But whatever the case may be, the whole scenario is just hazardous.

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Imagine how much voltage is running on each wires. And what if a passerby accidentally touch one of those. Or what if it rain? Water falls down along the wall, which is connected to another wet wall, and by any chance you are leaning to that wall. Any one near it could have a chance to be electrocuted.

On another hand, on a different place, though on the same city, I manage to pass by on several residential houses. Everything looks normal though. But not when I look up.

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Well, another tangled wires from a tangle-minded engineer or whoever do this kind of stupid design. I don’t even know if you can call this a “design”. Or is this abstract art? Or pure stupidity?

Any bird would really have a confusion where to land its feet among those wires.

I was just thinking as I recall these tangling scenarios. They could have been laid out better. They could have been designed correctly. They should have planned out well. Because these stuffs doesn’t only involve design. They involve lives! And lives are at stake here.

This world needs better engineers. What I’ve shown here are just spec to the real world. There are lots of similar situations. Several other flaws. A mistake in design could lead to a disastrous effect. Take a look at the picture below:

Photo copied from http://gabrielleweddings.blogspot.com/ under permission by the author.

Those subsystems must have been designed poorly that it could result into flooded road side. See what I mean? Every single mistake of design could lead in affecting others. If you design a medicine or a vitamin that could boost immune system, but haven’t noticed you made a mistake into structuring chemical mixtures this and that. Then it might have ill effect instead of having good benefits. A mistake in rocket design could lead to a disaster in the life of those astronauts and perhaps the life of those people below when the rocket pieces fell from the sky. There are many examples. And it only exhibit the ill effects of bad design.

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