Dennis Ritchie

After Steve Job’s death, another significant man died — Dennis Ritchie.
Do you know him?

Dennis Ritchie (Photo from Wikipedia)

If you are not into programming stuff, then you probably don’t know him.
Have you come across a book in C?
Have you heard of C programming language?
Have you heard C programming language in job interviews?
Heard of Unix operating system?

Dennis Ritchie is the guy behind C and Unix. He created the C programming language and an important developer of Unix operating system. C has become a widespread popular language among the IT World.
C programming language is used by some companies, including Apple!
The Macintosh operating system nowadays, the Mac OS X, is based from Unix operating system. And Unix operating system is based from C.

Apple wouldn’t have been what they are now without Dennis Ritchie’s C. His legacy will remain embedded in our technology today.

Something to ponder: Why was Steve Job’s death more popular than Dennis Ritchie’s?

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