Scary Halloween Ideas


Can you dare to scare yourself this halloween? Most people celebrates halloween with smiles on their face. Why not scare yourself this time?

Idea #1: Alone at Home

On halloween night, make sure you are alone in your house. Turn off all the lights to make the environment pitch black. Go around the house by feeling and touching the furnitures and things. This is your only way of finding your way around the house since you can’t see anything.

Avoid bumping on things by stretching your arms in front of you. Who knows, what you’ve touch is not from this world. And who knows who’s at your back the whole time.

After you roam the house, go to your now-dark room and watch a horror movie. You can watch on your bed and grab a blanket if you like. Who know who’s underneath those blankets. And who knows what’s underneath your bed. Or perhaps, you are not watching the movie alone.

Scare yourself.

Idea #2: Alone at the Cemetery

If people on your place does not visit cemetery during halloween, then this will work. The objective here is to be alone in the cemetery. There is nothing to do when you arrive in the cemetery. Just sit on one of the gravestone and stay there for more than 4 hours.

Feel the silence. Feel the wind blowing on your face.
Is it really the wind? or something else?
Feel the coldness of the night. Is it the coldness of the night? Or is it because someone is hugging you?

Scare yourself.

Idea #3:  Visit a Haunted House

Dare to visit a Haunted House this halloween. If there’s no haunted house nearby, try visiting an old abandoned house.

Once you are inside the house, roam around slowly while carefully observing your surroundings. There might be cobwebs everywhere. Just pass through those cobwebs.

Feel the creaking sound as you walk through the old floor and the old furnitures. Look at the old black & white portrait hanging on the wall. Imagine if that person is still alive today. Or what if that person is just somewhere nearby? The person might be standing beside you.
Stare at the portrait. Look into his/her eye. Try to move and observe if his/her eyeballs follow you. As you turn your back, and as you move along, feel the portrait staring at your back. Feel the sensation at the back of your neck.

Go the the second floor of the house. Observe the old bedroom. See the dirty white blankets mixed with cobwebs. Try to lie down the bed if you can. Feel the bed touching your back. Just neglect any itchy feeling from your back. Could you lie down comfortably?

Observe the door. It might move slowly. Who knows, the room might close and never open again.

And as you read this, somebody might be watching you.

Be scared this halloween. Awoooooo!

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