How I Mess My Noodles

This is a short story on how I mess up my delicious noodles.

It was a normal day in the office when I take a short break to eat noodles.

Noodles eating time!

I open it up to see the noodles and its various seasonings.

Opened Noodles

I quickly look at the symbols for the cooking-instruction reference.

Here’s the first instruction:

Noodle Step 1

So, Step 1 is poke the lead with a fork…

Poking the Noodles Cup

…then open up the seasonings.

Cup Noodles Seasoning1

Cup Noodles Seasoning2

Cup Noodles Seasoning3

And mix them with the noodles.

Mixing the Seasoning to the Noodles

Mixing the Seasoning to the Noodles

Mixing the Seasoning to the Noodles

It begin to feel like this is a cooking lesson. But it’s not.

Now for step 2.

Noodle Step 2

Pouring in hot water to my noodles. We’re starting to cook.

Hot Water to the Noodles

Just like a waterfall with a noodles below.

Okay, so let’s close the lid, keeping it there for a while to get cooked, and wait for further instructions.

Commencing step 3!

Noodle Step 3

Drain it baby! Drain it!

Draining the Noodles

And just like you peeing, there is always a little bit more.

Draining the Noodles

There you go.

Now, let’s open it up to see the beauty of the noodles.

Cooked Noodles


Now for the final step:

Noodles Final Step

Add the seasoning and mix.


Did you say ‘add the seasoning’?

What the heck is step 1?

Looking back at the symbols curiously:

Noodles Instructions

Step 1 and 4 both added the seasonings.

So where did I made my mistake?

I read the symbols, not the instructions. My bad.

Complete Instructions for Cooking This Noodles

Step 1 says add only the garnish.

My goodness.

I got no choice but to eat the finish product in a not-so-properly-cooked form.

And that is how I mess my noodles.

Don’t be deceived by symbols. Read the instructions.

Until then, see you in my next post.

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  1. I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thanks, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your website?

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