Lantaw: A Floating Restaurant

South of Lapu-Lapu City lies a floating restaurant.

It took about two rides to reach the place. Or if you have a private vehicle then the more easier it would be. See map below:

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Once in the vicinity, visitors will be greeted by this.

Introducing Lantaw, a floating native restaurant.

Lantaw: A Floating Restaurant

Lantaw is a native dialect which means to foresee or to overlook.

Gate of the Floating Restaurant

The entrance itself is made of wood with lightning effects so good that visitors would already want to go inside.

It’s actually a few meters walk towards the main venue.

Entrance @ Lantaw, Floating Restaurant

The photo below shows what’s at the other end of this entrance:

After the entrance path of the floating restaurant.

It shows several people will be dinning to the floating restaurant. This isn’t actually as crowded as it looks. You will find out below how organize they are.

We haven’t reach yet the main place.

Passing through the little bridge, we come to the scenario below:

Visitors waiting in Lantaw, the so called floating restaurant.

Seen above is a huge space for the visitors. They are waiting for their turn to enter.
An attendant controls who goes in so that the actual dining place won’t be crowded.
Waiting visitors are sitting comfortably in the chair while enjoying the cool breeze of the sea.

A shallow sea water can already be seen at their backs while sitting. The photo below shows a man lighting up a candle to make the floating restaurant more romantic-looking.

A man lighting a candle near the floating restaurant.

Bangka @ Lantaw, Floating Restaurant

Going back to the waiting visitors, here’s a tip. You can actually prevent a long wait if you call Lantaw ahead to make reservations.
Approaching the attendant and telling her your reservations, she will then lead you immediately inside.

Lantaw, a floating restaurant

I must admit that looking at the actual place is really cool. The ambiance, and the lights, together with the sea breeze is truly amazing.

Shown in the above photo is actually the main area for dinning.
From what I could perceive, the dinning area is divided into two main area: the tent-less one (the place where I am standing as I shoot the photo), while the other area contains a tent as can be seen in the above photo.
The two main areas are separated by the sea:

Floating restaurant areas separated by sea.

Two main floating dinning areas are connected by this bridge:

Bridge connecting the two floating parts of the restaurant.

Crossing the bridge leads you the second main area (tent area).

The attendant will lead you to your designated table. Reservation really makes your life easier.

Lantaw, floating restaurant reserved table.

And the more comfortable it would be as you sit down to their comfortable chairs. (And again, I can’t resist mentioning the cool breeze. Really a plus factor.)

And here comes the menu:Menu cover of the floating restaurant.

Watching the menu @Lantaw, the floating restaurant.

The food shown above is just one page from the menu. There are more choices to satisfy your appetite.

After taking the orders, the attendant will notify you that the food will be served in around 15 to 20 minutes.
That would be too long already for those already hungry. But the time would still be sensible considering the number of dinners.

While waiting for food, here’s another shot on the nearby table:

Floating Restaurant Dinners

You’ll notice how less crowded it is. No waiting visitors on the table side waiting for you to finish eating. That’s a no-no.

In the above photo, attendants/waiters are wearing uniform in green.

The whole space is actually spacious. The photo above is situated at the tent-part of the main dine area.

And what makes the whole place vibrant with colors?

Lamp on the tent. Main area of Lantaw: floating restaurant

Lamp on the tent. Main area of Lantaw: floating restaurant

Lamp on the tent. Main area of Lantaw: floating restaurant

Now, where is the food?
The food was actually served longer than what we were told. We didn’t know our food is just sitting just across us. We didn’t bother. The food must have been for somebody else.

Nobody fetches the food to us until we follow up our orders. 1 point down for them.

And finally, the food.

Food in Lantaw.

Of course, it depends on what you order. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your taste.
Here’s the photo shot anyway:

Food in Lantaw.

Food in Lantaw.

Food in Lantaw.

Food in Lantaw.

Food in Lantaw.

The food is really good. And in fact, while we eat, the whole floor is swaying when several attendants/waiters are walking. Floating restaurant rocks! A plus points.

And then we want more rice:

More rice please! @ Floating restaurant

Now here’s another downside. We notified the waiter to refill the rice. Then he went out to get it.
A few minutes later, no one came. We just can’t proceed eating without the rice.
With high heads, we keep on looking for another waiter to place our order. All are busy with the other tables.
Then there was one holding a walkie-talkie. He’s not in uniform, so I guess he’s a head of the organization or something. So we complain to him. Immediately he ordered his crew, and we got what we wanted. Thumbs down for that.

On the other hand, when you are celebrating your birthday, the Lantaw crew will give a caroling for you:

Birthday carol at Lantaw Floating Restaurant

Here’s another:

Birthday carol at Lantaw Floating Restaurant

Here’s the panoramic view of Lantaw, floating restaurant:

Panoramic view of Lantaw Floating Restaurant

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There is also a small-group dining area situated adjacent to the tented dining area. This is very suitable for small celebrations or for small group private dine. (In RPG game, this would look like a secret room.)

Adjacent cottage. @ Lantaw Floating Restaurant

There’s also a cottage beside it if you’ll notice.

And standing at the edge of the floating restaurant, you can see the distant city lights:

City lights seen from Lantaw

Here’s another view from the edge:

Lantaw, floating restaurant

Lantaw, floating restaurant

A view from the tent-less area:

Tent-less Area @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

A different lightning effects in the tent-less area:

Tent-less light effect @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

And the bathroom is also checked:

Bathroom @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

It looks clean.

Bathroom @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

Notice the urinal. It has pictures above it. Those pictures are actually funny pictures. I’m sure people are pee-ing while smiling.

Here’s a guy who can’t decide whether to look down or read the pictures.

Bathroom @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

No aircon in the bathroom. It’s just pure native (well except the toilet bowls etc.)

Bathroom @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

A true native should never use a toilet paper! (just kidding)

Okay, next to check is the women’s bathroom…

Going back to reality, here comes the kitchen and their chefs:

Kitchen and Chefs @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

Kitchen and Chefs @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

Kitchen and Chefs @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

That’s for the grilled food.

And, moving forward, looking to the right, are captives for your glutton consumption:

Crabs @ Lantaw, floating restaurant

Sunset in Lantaw.<br />This photo is provided by Kiboi (<br />Click to go to site.

Sunset in Lantaw.
This photo is provided by Kiboi (

Lantaw, Floating Restaurant

As a conclusion, Lantaw, Floating Native Restaurant is a great restaurant.

Despite the downside to some of the service, yet the environment, ambiance, sea breeze, and comfortable area out-weighs the downside.

I’ll be looking forward to be back again to this place.

I recommend you try Lantaw, the floating restuarant.

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