1. Von Axel Lopez

    Salamat po! Akong gi try sha and I can see it’s effectiveness. At first, I thought ngasakit jud kaayo mao tong ga duha’2 ko. But I’m a masochist and I tried it anyway. D man sakit.m
    Mas sakit pa ang gipa asa kaoyy😂😂

    • most of the time, it will be cured on one application only.
      If it is not cured in one application, then maybe you forgot to do Step 5.
      But so far, on my experience, it is cured immediately.
      That’s how effective it is.

    • I know a lot of people who find that medication very effective.
      But in your case, it seems it is beyond the capabilities of the meds (and considering you did all the steps correctly).
      With that, I recommend you see a doctor for your mouth sore.

  2. Maui

    Is it safe if I put it beyond 20 seconds? I tried it with a cotton and I had left it for a minute or so and the whole area where I had the sore feels different like it has a lighter color than the usual. It’s kinda hard to describe though

    • Hello Maui.
      I didn’t tried more than 20 seconds. But I did experience the same feeling you described.
      I also experience the lighter color of the gums — even on the 20 seconds range — and that is normal.
      Maui, for the benefits of the reader, where did you bought your Canker Mouth Sore Solution?

  3. San po nakakbili nito? wala na po yata nito sa Pilipinas eh, kasi mga major drug stores and generika eh hindi na ito available bakit po kaya? at saan available?

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