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      0922-213-0008, 0995-972-2277, 0933999-7666

    • Johnmark

      Good day! Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort we offer you the best and high quality resorts venue of your upcoming events such as,
      Team Building events, Strategic Planning, Company outing, Youth camp, church camp, Family bonding, Reunion, Retreat, Live-in and Live-out Seminars, Wedding, Debut, Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Educational Tour and Etc.

      Overnight Package Minimum of 30 pax (PHP 1,200.00/head)
      * 3 meals buffet
      * 2 snacks
      * Flowing coffee
      * Waived entrance and corkage fee
      * Room Accommodation
      * Function Room with projector, microphone and wide screen
      * Videoke and sound systems
      * Use of outdoor area
      * Use of swimming pool and water slide
      Day use Package Minimum of 30 pax ( PHP 750.00/head )
      * 1 meal buffet
      * 2 snacks
      * Flowing coffee
      * Waived entrance and corkage fee
      * Function Room with projector, microphone and wide screen
      * Videoke and sound systems
      * Use of outdoor area
      * Use of swimming pool
      * Van Transportation (PHP 3,500.00/van
      * 16-18 seats
      * Pick up and drop off

      THANK YOU!!!

      Best Regards,

      Johnmark Panugaling
      Sales & Marketing Executive
      Tel# (032)518-0052
      Cell# 09222130008,
      Email Address: john.panugaling@yahoo.com
      Fb: Romel Johnmark

  1. Jievah Cris Cantiveros

    Hi , were planning to come this Aug 30,2k15, together with my close friends in the celebration of my pre birthday celeb. Is this the right place to be ? Are we able to be amaze by our choice? He he.

    • Hello Jievah,
      It actually depend on your planned activity.
      If it is just swimming on the pool, this place is just fine.
      There are also other activities that this place offers which I haven’t mention. They also offer trekking. A guide will lead you to a waterfall. And you can camp there and enjoy the view.
      On the other hand, my friend went to this place (Hidden Paradise) but was not impressed by their pool. It is contrary to what I experienced (and blogged) because according to her, one or two pools was not cleaned.
      So if I am going to answer your question if this is the right place to be, well…it depends 🙂
      But I recommend people to go there because I have a wonderful experience on that place.

      • Jan Dale Carlo

        Hello, kuya Neil. Um, mangutna lang ko. When ka niadto sa Hidden Paradise? Kay nagplano man mi sa among organization na muanha sa Hidden Paradise this March, and yeah. Mangutana lang unta ko sa current conditions sa pools kay para sigurado lang jd ba. Then ang way gikan sa main road padung sa Hidden Paradise, mangutana sad unta ko. Thanks if ever mureply ka. It would really be a great help for us.

        • Hello Jan Dale Carlo.
          Sorry for the late reply. I just arrive from vacation.

          I was there around December 2014. That’s more than a year already, so I cannot anymore guarantee the status of the pools. But I’m pretty sure the pools are good that time when I visited the place. All those pictures of the pools in this article shows how good the status of their pools are.
          I would assume they will keep it tidy always because they are in the place called “Paradise”. But just to make sure, just call them.

          As for the direction, just go to San Fernando. Upon entry (of San Fernando border), always look for a road going right (assuming you are coming from the north i.e. Naga). Always look for the road going right. If you found one, and if it has a bakery, then that’s the right way.
          Here’s the link of that corner road I’m talking about:
          Once you turn right, the road will just guide you straight to the resort.

          • Ang bus kutob ra na sa main road. Di na kasulod ang bus sa eskina padung sa Hidden Paradise.
            In our case, nag hire mi ug jeep. Amo gi pakyaw.
            Ang dalan gikan sa main road padung sa place is pasaka siya. But most of the drivers can manage driving through it.
            Dangerous if inexperience driver hehe. But if anad na sa drive, I think maka manage ra.

  2. Mica

    Do you have any idea on the rate for their River Trekking? I’ve read from other blogs that it is 75.00/head. Some, 500.00 and some, 600.00.

    So, if you have any input about their outdoor activities, I would be glad to read them 🙂

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