Coded Incantation started as a random blog with no particular topic. Just anything I can come up.
I even attempted to post at least once a week. But it failed.
I said to myself that I’ll just post whenever I feel posting or blogging something. This isn’t a popular blog with several followers. So there’s no reason for me to get oblige in posting once a week.

And then 3 years after, I realize I’m not really good in words.
And so I began expressing it through my artworks and photographs added with some words describing it.

And now, for more than 7 years (and counting), this site expanded into the following:

  • Artworks
    • Cartoon
    • Sketches
      • Urbansketches
      • Random sketches
    • Visual Journal
  • Photography
  • Comics
  • Travels
  • Personal Rants
  • and anything I have in mind.

What’s With The Site Name?

The name Coded Incantation is just a random name.
I wanted to buy a domain (a.k.a. a site, a website), and at that time I don’t know what I would name it.
And for me to name it, I have to know what’s my purpose of buying the site. Should I use the site for game development? I don’t know.

And so I just came up of anything that came into my mind at that time.
Something that speaks about mystery, or a secret. (Thus the word “Coded”)
And something that speaks about magic, about enchantment, about spells, about powers. (Thus the name “Incantation”)
That’s how the name Coded Incantation came to be.

And hey, don’t forget the “d” from “coded“. My friends usually typed in codeincantation. Tsk! :/

About Me

Should I write something about me?
It took me 5 years to decide if I write this or not.
I notice that when I’m browsing somebody’s blog, I usually look at the About Me section to know more about the author.
And then it made me think, maybe my visitors would also do the same to my blog. Well, I don’t know.

Anyway, I am Neilvert Noval. The owner of this site.
Uhmmm…what else…uhmmmm…should I mention how many cats and dogs I have? Darn, what else should I say.

Okay. I am a man of few words. Introvert. Hates parties. Doesn’t attend parties. Avoids conversation with unfamiliar people. Pretends to sleep in the public vehicle when someone tries to start conversation with me. Etc. Etc. Etc ….. You got the idea.

I’m an engineer by profession. (I don’t know if that is even relevant.)
A novice photographer. A novice artist. Novice cartoonist.
I’m not good in grammar. You will notice some of my articles in this site may contain wrong grammar. And they say grammar is not the measure of intelligence? Or maybe I’m just making an excuse.
Okay, I think that’s enough information. Giving you too much information will make you know me more. And I don’t want that. I’ll just append more info here if the need arises. Anything else you want to know, just write in the comment section.

About The Logo

This is the first few logo of the site:

And I must tell you that this does not mean my site is affiliated with the occult.
The whole image of the logo just want to reflect visually the meaning of “Coded Incantation”.
I want the readers to have a feel of my site through the logo: the enchantment, the magic.
It’s a circle with a star in it that makes it like a summoning circle or a talisman or a sigil or something like that. (Hey! I thought you said it’s not affiliated with the occult?)
And then there are words inscribed in the outer circle. Those words are nothing fancy. It’s just the word “Coded”. See nothing occult here. 😉
And then going inside the circle after that, another word is inscribed. Although it cannot be read clearly here, but it says “Incantation”. So it basically forming the name of the site.
And lastly the syllables near the star is obvious.

I have the feeling that the reason why I have few followers in Facebook is because they might think my Page or my blog is Satanism. (Take note that if it is, then it should be a reverse star.)
(What? You got few followers because of the logo? Oh come on, Neilvert. You’re just making an excuse. Your content actually sucks. That’s why you have few followers. “Magical” my ass.)
Hey, calm down. So yeah, whatever the reason is, just keep in mind that this blog is not popular.

Again, this is not related to occult-ism. Otherwise I could have put you under spell now to make you visit my site more and more…….. more and more…… visit me more……..


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Most photos in my articles are mostly 1024 px size. If you want the hi-res photos,
just contact me.

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